Monday, April 16, 2007

WitchCraft in Bahrain!!

According to today’s GDN (16th April), MPs think we have witchcrafts in the country and its spreading like a disease

"A PROPOSAL to make practising magic and witchcraft a criminal offence will soon be put before parliament. The issue was discussed by the legislative and legal affairs committee yesterday after it was submitted by five MPs. If passed, the law could mean that a 'sorcerer' or 'witch' may be punished if the so-called magic they used harmed another person."

Maybe, just maybe, one of the MPs has seen a witch on a broomstick flying around, better yet, maybe they have seen them selves in the mirror.
Now read this:
"MP Mohammed Khalid, who is one of the members proposing the article, said that it would target both con artists and "real magicians"."

So i guess that means NO David Copperfield for Bahrain!!!
I am just wondering what the punishment would be? Maybe burn them? Stone them?


majeed said...

Finally, i think after this, no one can claim that our Mps are not interested in the safety and wellbeing of the good people of Bahrain.

shefemale said...

WE have da Best Mps Ever!!.Witch Craft Its one of da most important issues in the country!!!!!

SultanYaqub said...

Only if u beleive... in Witch craft, or in the 4 "Kul" , in the Quran. Dont let these things come over ur head.. be safe, Remember Allah, Wa howa ala kulli shai'en kadeer.

Anonymous said...


Qassoom said...

Maybe they mean "devil worshiping", but mixed that all up!

Anonymous said...

WTF? What about Neopaganism, not all people use "evil" magic! I'm a muslim (13 years of age), I use withcraft, I mean HELLO MY MOTHER SAW A TABLE FULL OF CANDLES, SPELL BOOKS, A KNIFE AND A PENTACLE? SHE DIDNT CARE, Bahrain MPS shoudl get lives, and not interfere with other people's lives ^__^