Monday, April 9, 2007

Gulf Air Grand Prix packages

According to GDN "With just days to go before the race, we can delightfully say that our day packages are a hit with hundreds of F1 fans across the region, who have no doubt become a part of the international community celebrating the event," said Gulf Air marketing and sales vice president Lee Shave"

The day packages, available from across the region, include an entrance ticket to watch the race, return economy class airfares from the destinations to Bahrain, meet and greet service at the Bahrain International Airport, coach transfers from airport to the BIC and back as well as a goodie bag containing cap, ear plugs and a water bottle cooler.

Will someone tell me how is this benefiting Bahrain?? People come from all over the region, the are directly taken to BIC for the race, then back to the airport!! no over night stay, no shopping, no spending, ohh wait they are provided with a water bottle cooler, which might make them buy a bottle of water!!!

These packages should not be allowed, there should be a minimum stay( at least one night), oohhh man who is running BIC??


Shahrayar said...

They need to look into “Tourism for Dummies”

LuLu said...

I guess we should also ask ourselves this question: why don't people want to come and stay in Bahrain? Maybe if we have something interesting to show, we wouldn't be getting so much demand for people to just see the formula then run for their lives?!

majeed said...

Dear Lulu and all, you are right, when it comes to Bahrain it might not have much to offer, but that not the problem, we still have few places worth visting. The problem remains with marketing and promoting such events.

there's a banner almost every 100m about the spring of culture. Why can't our beloved officials promote our touristic sites like this... or Mafi budget?!!!!