Monday, April 16, 2007

Bahrain's ambassador to the US at a Jewish dinner!

Well according to the Washington Post, Bahrain ambassador to the US attended a Seder (jewish dinner)
"It doesn't typically seek to explain why the ambassador of Bahrain would be belting out in Hebrew a Passover "drinking song" about a goat."
"And Bahraini Ambassador Naser M.Y. Al Belooshi, quietly dipping a piece of parsley (representing spring and the return of hope) into a bowl of salt water (representing tears of the Jewish slaves) and then eating it. "
so is this building bridges? or going against our core beliefs ?
anyone cares to comment


Shahrayar said...

I am sure most of Arab countries have unofficial contacts with Israel its just matter of time till full diplomatic relations have been established

LuLu said...

Well, I wouldn't mind him going to a Jewish dinner and sharing Jewish traditions.. but I am not comfortable with cozying up so much to Israel at this point.. We have nothing to gain from doing so, except maybe a lame line of "friendship" and the people are against it so I'm not sure why the government would like to give them even more reason to be upset.

Hala Qarooni said...

I think it is about time that we Arabs learn to distingusih between what is Jewish and what is Israel. They are not always necessarily the same thing. And even when it comes to the Israeli people, we have to also learn to distinguish between the people and the government. They are not always the same.
I am not with building friendly relations with Israel unless they agree to our terms, bas we have to also learn to keep an open mind about things and learn not to mix them together.

SILVER said...

Well i am not sure what this was, is it a political group? or maybe it is one of the Ani Isreal Jewish group (which i dnt think Bahrain will participate in) or maybe one of the Jweish peace groups. Any ways i agree with LULU we dont need to kiss Isreals behind at this time. We might need to when we run out of Oil !!!!

Free Spirited said...

Well, I am not surprised...being ambassador there in the land of multi sects and religions should be open to all societies, I appreciate that and is totally right. It’s good to show the world that we are not racist!!. If it is wrong, why would it be? And the question is how would it negatively affect the Arab world politically?