Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Johannes Linstead is coming to Bahrain

Canadian Johannes Linstead will be accompanied by his five-member ensemble and a flamenco dancer for a Latin Passion-inspired show on April 12 at the Gulf Hotel's Gulf International Convention and Exhibition Centre.
This guy is suppose to be one of the best around. All of his albums have featured on the Billboard Charts. CafŽ Tropical reached the number four position on Billboard Magazine and the number one position on's World Music Chart. It was also named Best World Album in the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards
Tickets are as follows: Grade A (VVIP) BD60 with dinner; Grade B (VIP) BD46 with dinner; Grade C, BD20, not inclusive of dinner; Grade D (Balcony) BD35, not inclusive of dinner
People prepare to spend a lot of money this month. We have the Brazilian dance, we have the F1 race (which free tickets are difficult to come by this year), the F1 parties.
At least nobody can say there is nothing to do !!


ThinkPink said...

That's one of the Junos nominees this year and Ottawa's pride! And it would be interesting to see if Johannes plays Recording a Tape the Colour of Light from the Bell Orchestre's disc in wonderland. Worth digging in later next week and thanks for the heads up Silver.

Shahrayar said...

I hope it will be a successful concert [Sold Out] encouraging the promoters to produce similar events