Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thats one way to draw driver's attention

I was thinking about two interesting artciles i read today and had to decide whihc one to post:

Guess which one i selected?? exactly, its the weekend the hell with bad news.

The Danish found a way to draw drivers attention to Speed signs, they say its very effective.

"Over in Denmark, the powers that be decided to deploy the nation's best assets to address the nation's rather casual attitude to excess velocity. Step forward the "Bikini Bandits" - "a specially-trained team of enthusiastic young women not afraid to do whatever it takes so that motorists pay more attention to the speed limit".
In fact, so successful did the Bikini Bandits prove that they pretty well brought Copenhagen to a standstill, as the illuminating
video shows.
Good show. According to the blurb, the video was "made by the Danish Road Safety Council and aims to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits in Denmark". It adds: "Despite a decrease in speed violations, seven out of 10 Danes still exceed the speed limit on a regular basis. Respecting the speed limits is the simplest way to save lives."

i have only one thing to say:" I AM MOVING TO DENMARK"!!

Sorry guys i couldn't post pics, but you can click on the links and watch!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


If you are like me wondering how this happened, the answer is in front of you. just focus on the pic and you will see a WOMAN !! need to say more??

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Even the Greek are criticizing it !!!!!

According to CNN,
THERMOPYLAE, Greece (AP) -- Greece's critics hated "300," but moviegoers here are lining up to watch the gory recreation of the Battle of Thermopylae in record numbers -- happy to lap up the Hollywood thrills and take an indulgent view of what detractors call a butchery of their ancient history.
Critics dismissed the movie as gratuitously violent and historically inaccurate, one magazine describing it as a "bloodlust videogame."

To add to my earlier point as representing Greek as a democratic society. "Historians believe Leonidas was not a young man, unlike the way he's presented in the movie. And Sparta, of course, was not a democracy as it is depicted in the movie but a fearsome military power ruled with absolute authority."
What can i say, this is a typical Hollywood movie, but the action is tooo good to miss. Just bare in mind this is not historically accurate.
I guess this is one of those movies which the audience will like but critics will hate !!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My type of a Judge

BARTOW, Fla. - A judge has ordered a man who pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide to display a large picture of the victim in his home after serving two years in prison.

Circuit Judge Robert Doyel said Friday that the picture must be at least 2 feet wide and displayed prominently. It also must include lettering that says: 'I'm sorry I killed you.'
Arthur Pierce, 31, was racing with his cousin on a busy street when they caused an accident that killed 17-year-old Chelsi Gregory, authorities said. Witnesses told police Pierce was swerving in traffic at about 120 mph when his Cadillac collided with a pickup in which Gregory was a passenger

Seems to me a good punishment, even worst then jail !! our Judges should learn and be more creative !!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Housing problem to be solved in 2008??

في العام 2008 سنرى أولى ثمرات المشروعات الإسكانية الجديدة في المدينة الشمالية وفي المحرق وفي المنامة وفي المحافظة الجنوبية وفي الوسطى... ستبدأ النتائج تظهر أولاً في الشمالية والمحرق»، مشيراً الى أن «المخطط الهيكلي الاستراتيجي حالياً مازال مسودة، وهذا المخطط يغطي احتياجات البحرين للسكن ولإقامة المشروعات الصناعية والتجارية والنقل الأساسي حتى العام 2030»
The crown prince announced today that we will see the beginning of the end to the housing problem in Bahrain. He told alwasat news, according to our master plan (which is in draft form), we will see the fruits of the plan starting next year. He said, it will start with Muharaq and central municipality. The master plan is to cover all land distribution until 2030.
Now, what i heard is the study and the plan is being prepared by a well known American company which have done similar projects in Chicago and other major cities. In addition to the housing problem and the allocation of land, the draft plan brought attention to the declining access to the sea front and the decline in green areas.
If there is someone who has any credibility left in the government, that someone is the Crown Prince, as long as this plan will be implemented by the EDB, under his supervision, then we all have hope!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Meet the creator of (Conan, The Boy in Future) A.K.A Adnan wa Leena

Meet Hayao Miyazaki is one of the best known directors of Japanese animation. We know him for his creation Conan, the Future Boy or as we know it as Adnan wa Leena. Some of his last films are: "Spirited Away", awarded an Oscar to the Best Animation Feature Film of 2003, and "Howl's Moving Castle".

I am such a fan of this guy, he is soo creative. i dont think anyone can be compared to his creativity.

Although largely unknown in the West outside of animation communities until Miramax released his film Princess of Mononoke in 1999, his films have enjoyed both commercial and critical success in Japan and East Asia.

Spirited Away
Miyazaki's Spirited Away is the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan; Princess Mononoke held the same title for a short period until the release of Titanic later in the same year.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

He did it all !!

Well, i guess now the West can sleep in peace as they got the guy who is responsible for every terrorism activity !!
The more this guy is tortured the more he confesses, he already confessed that he was molested by MJ, he was doing Paris Hilton in the video and killed OJ's wife !!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bringing out the big GUNS !!!

If you think you can get away with talking on the phone while driving, think again!!!! They have prepared "Dodge Charger", if its RT then you are going against : 3.5-liter high-output V6 engine & 250 horsepower. God help us if its SRT8, then you are going against;

6.1-liter SRT HEMI V8 engine with 425 horsepower

I just want to ask how fuel efficient this is!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

AND the they are in !!

رفعت إدارة الجنسية والجوازات والإقامة أمس (الأحد) الحظر عن دخول 5 فنانين إيرانيين إلى البحرين، بمن في ذلك الفنانة جلناز فتحي التي افتتح معرضها الخميس في غيابها بسبب تعذر الحصول على تأشيرة دخول لهــا.وقالت مديرة صالة لافونتين، فاطمة علي رضا ''إن الإدارة وافقت ظهر أمس (فقط) على منح تأشيرات دخول لـ 5 فنانين إيرانيين قبل يومين من موعد تقديمهم حفلاً موسيقياً في الصالة'' في إطار برنامج ''ربيع الثقافة'' لهذا العام.
According to Alwaqt arabic news paper; Bahrain has decided to let 5 Iranian artists in. including Gulnaz Fathi. I think this is a positive step in the right direction.
Hope we can enjoy the rest of the spring of culture without any interruptions from MPs and the Government !! i got my tickets for the Brazilian show. They are running out, if you want to attend i advice you to buy them as soon as possible.

Lost her money maker!!!

A German belly dancer who checked into hospital to have her thighs trimmed ended up with just one butt cheek after the plastic surgeon hoovered out her right buttock, Ananova reports.
Unsurprisingly, the matter ended in court, where Meyer was awarded £12,000 damages against the unnamed private plastic surgeon. The court heard her career is dead and the poor woman "does not even dare to go to a swimming pool because she is ashamed of the way she looks".
Poor girl she lost her job, i bet a lot of people would want to buy the fat they removed!!! especially in Bahrain, where we have a lot of HALF ASS people!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Introducing "Yaddollah"

*please note that this is not his picture, i will post his real picture once i get it.

Let me introduce Mr.Yadollah ( in arabic it mean "hand of God"). He is a shoe maker (repairing shoes) he has been doing this for ages (i guess for more then 20+ years). His shop is in Manama Bazaar or market. Ask anyone living in Manama, they can show you where he works.
The guy has a different view on life. So i will quote him every now and then or every time i get a new quote from him.
This week's Quote is " This life is unfair I AM CALLED Yaddolla (hand of god) I AM GOD's SPARE PART!!! but i am poor , while someone has a name of an animal "Fahad" (in arabic: panther) and he is unbelievably rich!!!"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring of Racism !!

The Marcile Khalifa show!!
one of Gulnaz's paintings

OKAY so we let Marcile Khalifa do what he wants, although i have nothing against the guy but i think he might have cross the line. i don't see it as a big deal, its just been blown out of proportion.

what is embaressing is when we dont let artissts in the country just because they are Iranian. According to Alwaqt news paper "Golnaz Fathi" was not given a Visa to enter Bahrain!!

رفضت الإدارة العامة للجنسية والجوازات والإقامة منح الفنانة الإيرانية جلنار فتحي تأشيرة دخول إلى البحرين، وهو ما تعذّر معه افتتاح معرضها في صالة ‘’لافونتين’’ يوم الاثنين الماضي في إطار فعاليات ‘’ربيع الثقافة’’ التي تقام على الصالات الخاصة. وقالت مدير الصالة فاطمة علي رضا ‘’إن الإدارة رفضت منحها (جلنار) تأشيرة دخول، ولم تفلح محاولات كثيرة أجريت بهذا الخصوص مع مسؤولين في الدولة’’. ويتم التشديد على منح تأشيرات دخول البحرين لمواطني 6 دول بينها إيران، كما يُحظر عبورهم (ترانزيت)، بحسب تصريح سابق لوكيل وزارة الداخلية لشؤون الجنسية والجوازات والإقامة.

You get the drift, we let someone who cross the line in, and we don't let a true artist in !!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Air Arabia announces plans for Initial Public

"Air Arabia, the Middle East's first low-cost carrier, announced that it has applied to the UAE Ministry of Economy and relevant regulatory authorities for approval to launch an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the first quarter of this year. The Sharjah-based airline, which began operations in October 2003, will become the first airline in the Gulf region to go public."

The IPO will start next week, which each share at " AED 1 + AED 0.02" offering cost, with a minimum subscription of 10,000. It is going on sale next week, you can get your at Ahli United Bank.

I think its a good deal, the airline industry is expected to keep growing throughout 2015, especially low cost airlines.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Historical war epic 300 has been criticised as an attack on Iranian culture by government figures.

The "Good" in this movie are the Greek, while the "Bad" are the Persians and as for the "Ugly" the honor goes to Hollywood. I think in these historic movies, they think of the Greek as the west ( the democratic sophisticated people) and the Persians ( as the savages middle Easterners including Arabs and others).
I see clear signs of racism in this movies and other historic movies.
Nevertheless, looks like an enjoyable movie. I don't think its based on fact as the trailer shows a lot of fictions.