Saturday, March 24, 2007

Housing problem to be solved in 2008??

في العام 2008 سنرى أولى ثمرات المشروعات الإسكانية الجديدة في المدينة الشمالية وفي المحرق وفي المنامة وفي المحافظة الجنوبية وفي الوسطى... ستبدأ النتائج تظهر أولاً في الشمالية والمحرق»، مشيراً الى أن «المخطط الهيكلي الاستراتيجي حالياً مازال مسودة، وهذا المخطط يغطي احتياجات البحرين للسكن ولإقامة المشروعات الصناعية والتجارية والنقل الأساسي حتى العام 2030»
The crown prince announced today that we will see the beginning of the end to the housing problem in Bahrain. He told alwasat news, according to our master plan (which is in draft form), we will see the fruits of the plan starting next year. He said, it will start with Muharaq and central municipality. The master plan is to cover all land distribution until 2030.
Now, what i heard is the study and the plan is being prepared by a well known American company which have done similar projects in Chicago and other major cities. In addition to the housing problem and the allocation of land, the draft plan brought attention to the declining access to the sea front and the decline in green areas.
If there is someone who has any credibility left in the government, that someone is the Crown Prince, as long as this plan will be implemented by the EDB, under his supervision, then we all have hope!!


Free Spirited said...

Lots of talking, but not much walking. We'r not really happy, we heard it before, and yet saw nothing.But bahrainies hopefull as usual.So we will wait and see!!!

LiB Team said...

yeah hopeful we are, but I think it's a bunch of bullcrap until I see the deed in my hands. Then the King's talk of "a land and a house for EVERY Bahraini" will be true, until then, it is a myth.

SILVER said...

This time there is a time table and all we have is hope

Free Spirited said...

and since when they follow thier time tables!!

LuLu said...

I think the problem is, even if someone (like the CP) is really trying to make it happen, people will not believe it since they got de-sensitized to any official announcements after years and years of empty promises.. It will take a long, long time before anyone associated with the government is believed [I personally have hope]