Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Even the Greek are criticizing it !!!!!

According to CNN,
THERMOPYLAE, Greece (AP) -- Greece's critics hated "300," but moviegoers here are lining up to watch the gory recreation of the Battle of Thermopylae in record numbers -- happy to lap up the Hollywood thrills and take an indulgent view of what detractors call a butchery of their ancient history.
Critics dismissed the movie as gratuitously violent and historically inaccurate, one magazine describing it as a "bloodlust videogame."

To add to my earlier point as representing Greek as a democratic society. "Historians believe Leonidas was not a young man, unlike the way he's presented in the movie. And Sparta, of course, was not a democracy as it is depicted in the movie but a fearsome military power ruled with absolute authority."
What can i say, this is a typical Hollywood movie, but the action is tooo good to miss. Just bare in mind this is not historically accurate.
I guess this is one of those movies which the audience will like but critics will hate !!


naddooi said...

maybe the reason to criticise it is because the followers of hollywood (i.e. many americans) will assume it IS historically correct. And as they don't teach world history over there apparently, we'll have a part of the world (the part with lots of nukes), with a TOTALLY distorted picture of the world!!!

not to say that other parts of the world don't have distorted views...

Hala Qarooni said...

I don't care man, their abs were amazing, I would love to watch that movie again any time :)))))