Thursday, August 30, 2007

Light Speed, or No Speed!

A friend of mine wanted to share his experience with the new Lightspeed inet service. So i am posting his article, i think it will shade some light on their services. BEFORE u subscribe to them read this:

I was very happy to know that the unlimited Internet is back to Bahrain, thanks to Batelco for applying a downloading limit which has sent us ages back in technology.

So when I first read about Light Speed ad on the newspapers I directly went and subscribed in their service and all the fun began! They disconnected me from Batelco’s internet “which was the right thing to do since I already had Batelco’s internet on the same line I wanted the new internet to be on” and while they promised me that ill be getting the internet service after two days from disconnecting Batelco, I was left without internet for nearly a MONTH!!! Imagine one month without being able to check your email and being totally disconnected!! so after a month I was happy that the internet finally worked, the speed I subscribed for is 1mb but the actual speed that I’m getting is maybe around 256kb!! And it worked for two days and it went out for another week!! It came back for a day again it went out!! And the dilemma is still continuing.

I work from 8 till 5 and when I go home I like to surf the internet and check my email, and this is the only time I can know if the internet is working or not, so if I come back from work and see that the internet is not working I would naturally try to call Light Speed and guess what! Nobody will answer your phone call!!! They don’t have a help desk or a hotline.

Now thanks to companies like Light Speed which makes Companies we hate the most like Batelco Look so good and so professional.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Force feeding makes women beautiful!!

Personally, I like slim girls. The kind of girls who takecare of them self, not only hair and face (*hint) but girls who look good overall, especially body wise.
Now I do have some friends who like a girl who has a normal figure (a little less then chubby) and I have noticed that the old school khaleeji men like chubby girls.
However, I have one friend who really surprised me, he likes them big. In his words “I like meat!!!”. Once I was with him in the car and he went “LOOK at the GAZAL WOOOW” and I looked , imagine my surprise!
I came across this article, apparently in Mauritania obese girls are considered pretty!! Not chubby but obese!!! They go to extreme measures to make sure the girl get obese
In other parts of the country though, young girls are taken to 'fat farms' where girls are force fed dates, and large amounts of couscous and other foods loaded down with calories. One owner of a 'fat facility' was expecting some young seven year old girls to fatten up. "They may cry and fight but we will succeed in making them beautiful. "They will be happy and find a good marriage despite their protests", claims the owner."They will be beautiful." The girls were expected to weigh between 60 and 100 Kilograms after treatment. That is around 150 to 220 pounds.
To show how serious this is, “One woman complained about her husband telling her that after loosing her extra pregnancy weight, he no longer found her attractive. He told her if she didn't gain the weight back he would divorce her. “

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Careful watching TV nude!!!

ITs the weekend people!! so enjoy this piece of news!!

A Moscow man who ill-advisedly decided to sit watching telly in the nude in the flat he shared with his ex-missus earned himself a wedding-tackle-torching for his trouble, the Evening Standard reports.
The unnamed man's former wife evidently took exception to his vodka-swilling TV viewing, and duly set fire to his penis. A police spokeswoman admitted it was "difficult to predict" if the human candle would make a full recovery from the ordeal which he described as "monstrously painful".

He added: "I was burning like a torch. I don't know what I did to deserve this."
In case you're wondering, the couple divorced three years back, but continued to cohabit, an arrangement "common in Russia where property costs are very high"
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Receiving calls much cheaper than making them when you are traveling

As you know, a lot of Customers travel in summer and usually take theirmobile phones with them :)Please be aware of the following (it applies to most countries) "RECEIVING calls is much cheaper than MAKING calls while abroad" For example, if you were in Malaysia, and called your family you will becharged BD1.121 per minute , Howeverreceiving a call will cost you 465 fils per minute only !!!!

To know the difference between receiving and calling for all countries please visit :

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Al Hurra Tv interview about Bahrain Shiaa

I watched last night’s AL-Hurra interview with Mr.Bashmi and Dr.Alnajar. To tell you the truth it was pathetic, especially Dr.Alnajar. He was too scared to share his opinion on any topic!! He even went further then that, he was trying to show some sort of political correctness. He actually said that there is no discrimination in high government positions in Bahrain!! Imagine!! He didn’t even want to admit that the Shiaa are the majority in Bahrain!!! That’s beyond political correctness. I want to say to Dr.Najar, if you have nothing to say why are you participating in the interview??
As for Mr.Bashmi, I respect his paper ”Alwaqt” but come on!! You have to start blaming the government for some of the things going wrong in Bahrain. He blamed all the Shiaa Sunni problems on the regional situation (namely, Iran and Iraq), He refused to admit the government is fueling these problems between Sunni and Shiaa in Bahrain.
However, I have to agree with him that this is a political problem, not a street problem or problem between citizens of this country. We have not seen one act of violence between Sunni and Shiaa in Bahrain (thank god) and hope we will never see that.

I really should not put all the on Mr.Bashmi or Dr.Alnajar, the major portion of the blame for such a weak discussion should be on Al-Hurra TV. There are not the people they should be interviewing. Both of them are trying to be politically correct, which made the discussion really boring and didn’t really have any value. In addition, both of them had a similar stand on most issues, which resulted in a one sided opinion.
We really need a real discussion about our problems; we need openness and good intentions, most of all we need a real leader and that’s what is really lacking. Until that leader comes, things will stay the way they are.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Shiaa in Bahrain tonight on AlHurra

I heard this in Radio Sawa, They are going to talk about Bahrain Shiaa at 10:10 pm tonight.
Just hope it will unit people not Divide!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Another reason to blame the US administration

The Americans have blamed Iran and Syria for everything that has gone wrong in Iraq. Recently, Saudi was faulted for not doing enough diplomatically, if I may say, rightly so (they didn’t even open an embassy in Iraq).
Maybe these countries have been involved in some of the negative activities but Bush administration has to take the main blame for it handling of the war. If this was a company, the CEO (Bush in this case) would have been thrown out of the window from the highest floor.
The following is according to an official report recently published:

The US has lost track of about 190,000 weapons issued to Iraqi security forces since the 2003 invasion, some of which will have ended up in the hands of insurgents, according to an official report published in Washington. Among the missing items are AK-47 rifles, pistols, body armour and helmets.
The 20-page report - Stabilising Iraq: Department of Defence cannot ensure that US-funded equipment has reached Iraqi security forces - says the Pentagon and the multinational force in Iraq responsible for training "cannot fully account for about 110,000 AK-47 rifles, 80,000 pistols, 135,000 items of body armour and 115,000 helmets reported as issued to Iraqi forces as of September 22 2005".,,2143071,00.html

Just have one peace of advice, before blaming others the US administration has to blame its self first and only then people might listen.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Prices are going UP UP UP UP

All right that’s it, the price of real estate went up we decided to deal with it, the prices of milk, bread and other food stuff increased, we decided to deal with it. They introduced a 1% tax, we dealt with it BUT that’s it!!!!! Samboosa and Chapati prices are up by 25% !!!!!! we CAN NOT take it anymore!!!!

We got the local population under control but if the Indians and other Asians got pissed and start violent demonstration, who is going to stop them (if they represent a good part of the police)??
I know, lets hire some Ba7ranies in the police force to stop them!!!!

US infrastructure