Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Al Hurra Tv interview about Bahrain Shiaa

I watched last night’s AL-Hurra interview with Mr.Bashmi and Dr.Alnajar. To tell you the truth it was pathetic, especially Dr.Alnajar. He was too scared to share his opinion on any topic!! He even went further then that, he was trying to show some sort of political correctness. He actually said that there is no discrimination in high government positions in Bahrain!! Imagine!! He didn’t even want to admit that the Shiaa are the majority in Bahrain!!! That’s beyond political correctness. I want to say to Dr.Najar, if you have nothing to say why are you participating in the interview??
As for Mr.Bashmi, I respect his paper ”Alwaqt” but come on!! You have to start blaming the government for some of the things going wrong in Bahrain. He blamed all the Shiaa Sunni problems on the regional situation (namely, Iran and Iraq), He refused to admit the government is fueling these problems between Sunni and Shiaa in Bahrain.
However, I have to agree with him that this is a political problem, not a street problem or problem between citizens of this country. We have not seen one act of violence between Sunni and Shiaa in Bahrain (thank god) and hope we will never see that.

I really should not put all the on Mr.Bashmi or Dr.Alnajar, the major portion of the blame for such a weak discussion should be on Al-Hurra TV. There are not the people they should be interviewing. Both of them are trying to be politically correct, which made the discussion really boring and didn’t really have any value. In addition, both of them had a similar stand on most issues, which resulted in a one sided opinion.
We really need a real discussion about our problems; we need openness and good intentions, most of all we need a real leader and that’s what is really lacking. Until that leader comes, things will stay the way they are.


Shahrayar said...

Dr.Alnajar next interview is on Nickelodeon Channel..so don’t miss it

Ammar456 said...

political correctness and worrying about what other people will think of you is going to screw us all over. no real opinions are going to be quoted, and we aren't going to get anywhere.

ButterflyBahrain said...

I don't watch Al Hurra TV and didn't have the chance to watch this interview but I believe that good discussions/interviews depend on the interviewer skills and background, so who was the interviewer?

Anonymous said...

not sure what his name is, but he is the host of Hadeeth ALKhaleej. I agree with you, and he was very weak

Anonymous said...

Bravo, very good idea