Monday, August 6, 2007

Another reason to blame the US administration

The Americans have blamed Iran and Syria for everything that has gone wrong in Iraq. Recently, Saudi was faulted for not doing enough diplomatically, if I may say, rightly so (they didn’t even open an embassy in Iraq).
Maybe these countries have been involved in some of the negative activities but Bush administration has to take the main blame for it handling of the war. If this was a company, the CEO (Bush in this case) would have been thrown out of the window from the highest floor.
The following is according to an official report recently published:

The US has lost track of about 190,000 weapons issued to Iraqi security forces since the 2003 invasion, some of which will have ended up in the hands of insurgents, according to an official report published in Washington. Among the missing items are AK-47 rifles, pistols, body armour and helmets.
The 20-page report - Stabilising Iraq: Department of Defence cannot ensure that US-funded equipment has reached Iraqi security forces - says the Pentagon and the multinational force in Iraq responsible for training "cannot fully account for about 110,000 AK-47 rifles, 80,000 pistols, 135,000 items of body armour and 115,000 helmets reported as issued to Iraqi forces as of September 22 2005".,,2143071,00.html

Just have one peace of advice, before blaming others the US administration has to blame its self first and only then people might listen.

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