Monday, August 27, 2007

Force feeding makes women beautiful!!

Personally, I like slim girls. The kind of girls who takecare of them self, not only hair and face (*hint) but girls who look good overall, especially body wise.
Now I do have some friends who like a girl who has a normal figure (a little less then chubby) and I have noticed that the old school khaleeji men like chubby girls.
However, I have one friend who really surprised me, he likes them big. In his words “I like meat!!!”. Once I was with him in the car and he went “LOOK at the GAZAL WOOOW” and I looked , imagine my surprise!
I came across this article, apparently in Mauritania obese girls are considered pretty!! Not chubby but obese!!! They go to extreme measures to make sure the girl get obese
In other parts of the country though, young girls are taken to 'fat farms' where girls are force fed dates, and large amounts of couscous and other foods loaded down with calories. One owner of a 'fat facility' was expecting some young seven year old girls to fatten up. "They may cry and fight but we will succeed in making them beautiful. "They will be happy and find a good marriage despite their protests", claims the owner."They will be beautiful." The girls were expected to weigh between 60 and 100 Kilograms after treatment. That is around 150 to 220 pounds.
To show how serious this is, “One woman complained about her husband telling her that after loosing her extra pregnancy weight, he no longer found her attractive. He told her if she didn't gain the weight back he would divorce her. “

4 comments: said...

well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; if you grow up watching TV shows and movies and believing that slim is beautiful, thats the kind of attitude you will automatically have as you grow up... in some countries, fat is considered pretty, slim isnt. wierd huh.

bint battuta said...

I was listening to a programme about this on the BBC the other day, and they were saying that for younger women tastes are changing, especially due to the influence of Lebanese programmes like Star Academy that they watch on satellite channels. I heard one girl saying that she wanted 'a normal body, just like Haifa Wehbe'...

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

LOL wow , well I dont likre to be fat at all .. is not only unconfortable .. but is unhealty .. you cant wear nothing ,and you cant stand up well , and so on ! hubby dont like fat women

Anonymous said...

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