Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Receiving calls much cheaper than making them when you are traveling

As you know, a lot of Customers travel in summer and usually take theirmobile phones with them :)Please be aware of the following (it applies to most countries) "RECEIVING calls is much cheaper than MAKING calls while abroad" For example, if you were in Malaysia, and called your family you will becharged BD1.121 per minute , Howeverreceiving a call will cost you 465 fils per minute only !!!!

To know the difference between receiving and calling for all countries please visit :


Ammar456 said...

only thing i can say is don't trust batelco. Last year I made a bunch of calls and recieved a bunch when I was out of the country; the recieved ones were A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE, almost 4 or 5 times as much. And now they say recieving is cheaper. What a load of smelly balls.

ButterflyBahrain said...

Thank you for the tip, but what about if you call from your mobile (bahrain line) to anohter one when you are abroad. I do this most of the time when I travel with my relatives and I end up with a heavy bill :(

Last year when I travelled to UK, me and my friends bought ORANGE sim cards (similar to sim sim in Bahrain) to call each other while in UK but again I used to refill the account almost every day.

abdulla said...

If you are a group, getting a prepaid SIM abroad is always cheaper than calling each other when roaming.