Friday, March 16, 2007

Introducing "Yaddollah"

*please note that this is not his picture, i will post his real picture once i get it.

Let me introduce Mr.Yadollah ( in arabic it mean "hand of God"). He is a shoe maker (repairing shoes) he has been doing this for ages (i guess for more then 20+ years). His shop is in Manama Bazaar or market. Ask anyone living in Manama, they can show you where he works.
The guy has a different view on life. So i will quote him every now and then or every time i get a new quote from him.
This week's Quote is " This life is unfair I AM CALLED Yaddolla (hand of god) I AM GOD's SPARE PART!!! but i am poor , while someone has a name of an animal "Fahad" (in arabic: panther) and he is unbelievably rich!!!"

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Shahrayar said...

Yes he is a leaving Legend in Bahrain; I think he’s being at it for more than 50 years