Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lost her money maker!!!

A German belly dancer who checked into hospital to have her thighs trimmed ended up with just one butt cheek after the plastic surgeon hoovered out her right buttock, Ananova reports.
Unsurprisingly, the matter ended in court, where Meyer was awarded £12,000 damages against the unnamed private plastic surgeon. The court heard her career is dead and the poor woman "does not even dare to go to a swimming pool because she is ashamed of the way she looks".
Poor girl she lost her job, i bet a lot of people would want to buy the fat they removed!!! especially in Bahrain, where we have a lot of HALF ASS people!!


majeed said...

Actually, we have so many double ass people in Bahrain. and lets not mention Kuwait here, its much worse there.
Feel bad for the dancer.

Ali said...

Haha, poor thing, what the hell was the surgeon thinking!!