Sunday, March 18, 2007

AND the they are in !!

رفعت إدارة الجنسية والجوازات والإقامة أمس (الأحد) الحظر عن دخول 5 فنانين إيرانيين إلى البحرين، بمن في ذلك الفنانة جلناز فتحي التي افتتح معرضها الخميس في غيابها بسبب تعذر الحصول على تأشيرة دخول لهــا.وقالت مديرة صالة لافونتين، فاطمة علي رضا ''إن الإدارة وافقت ظهر أمس (فقط) على منح تأشيرات دخول لـ 5 فنانين إيرانيين قبل يومين من موعد تقديمهم حفلاً موسيقياً في الصالة'' في إطار برنامج ''ربيع الثقافة'' لهذا العام.
According to Alwaqt arabic news paper; Bahrain has decided to let 5 Iranian artists in. including Gulnaz Fathi. I think this is a positive step in the right direction.
Hope we can enjoy the rest of the spring of culture without any interruptions from MPs and the Government !! i got my tickets for the Brazilian show. They are running out, if you want to attend i advice you to buy them as soon as possible.


Shahrayar said...

Why Now ??? I I guess the finally realised she is a genuine artist and not a member of Al-Qaeda

Ali said...


moodz said...

It's only a political act of flexing muscles, the US has delayed issuing a visa for Ahmedinjad so he can respond to U.N. Security Council moves to impose additional sanctions against his country for its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment for days. It's more of a hint than anything else..

LiB Team said...

It's not about that, they have been denying Iranians Visas since the 80's while the Emirates who are in dispute with Iran over the three islands and Qatar openly grants them visas. Bahrain is good for following in Saudis retarded footsteps only.