Monday, April 2, 2007

Strong words coming from a Strong MAN

According to today's Alayam arabic news paper, in an interview with the Crown Prince:
"Irresponsible stand by the ministers on "Spring of culture", no one said anything good about it. i am disappointed with their stand"
on the issue of banking he had this to say"the irresponsible policies in some sector , like Banking, the policy of excluding a sector of Bahranies. This kind of behaviour is threatening our children's future". On the issue of EDB "People and parties that opposed us "the EDB" in implementing and establishing new projects, should know that history will not forgive them. Those people know now the power of EDB"

Strong words coming from the CP, the recent moves and recent statements made by him shows a strong well to carry on with the changes and his vision of Bahrain. I call on all Bahrainies to stand by him. The CP has delivered on many of his promises and the EDB is the only government institute that is really moving forward.

This all sounds like good news but we hope he can overcome the people who he referred to as "people who opposed us".

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LuLu said...

I agree with you 100%. I still find people cynical about everything anyone in power says and does in Bahrain.. It also doesn't help that "those who oppose" also speak of making things better, always. I guess no wonder people are confused whom to trust..