Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Islamist cutting deals with the government??

I read an article in today's Alwaqt news about letters sent by the ministry of social development affairs to "foreign clubs" (like the British club and so on), the letter bans the selling alcohol in these clubs.
Now, no laws was issued by the Parliament on this topic, i guess my question is on what authority the ministry of social development affairs issues such a letter.

This incident is not the first, it started with the information minister restricting entertainment in 3 star hotels and below (that was public and we know who issued the law).
A few days ago, the police asked all shops in Manama to close before 12, when asked who issued the law, nobody took the responsibility.

Add all that to today's alwaqt story, i see a clear trend toward tight Islamic state. Non of these laws were issued by the Parliament and we dont know who issued them (except for the hotel law).
i am not a person who like conspiracy theories but the trend is there and i am starting to believe it more and more. The theory was that at the beginning of the election "islamist" cut a deal with the government by which they dont question the government in return for more islamic laws and the government supporting them to win the elections. This in my opinion is high treason, we the people of Bahrain voted for a Parliament that looks after our interest, not a Parliament that cuts deals with the government which does not benefit us, even worst, its hurting us.

i dont usually write such a log article, but this is getting out of hand. We are more and more turning into Saudi, personal freedom is attacked everyday publicly and privately (of course only poor people's freedom).
So what will happen next? Girls cant drive? while the the corruption increases in the government?? This is a serious issue, those so called "islamist" sold us, for pathetic laws. We should not keep quite about it. Does anyone see what i am seeing??


majeed said...

shahr khar to kharihast

Shahrayar said...

It’s just the bringing it will be followed soon by No Cinemas, No Mix Coffee shops, No More concerts, Family only Malls, No Heavy Metal, close all shops on Friday….etc

Hala Qarooni said...

Well, dont u ppl think we should do something about it. I mean it is our right to say what we want and this is not what I want....

LuLu said...

You inspired me to write again. They are cutting a deal, and we are going down the drain..
LuLu (in a hopeless state of mind for now)

SILVER said...

Lulu, thanks for writing about this issue. Its important for people to find out what is going on.
Hope our blogs starts some noise and people become aware of whats going on.