Thursday, June 21, 2007

a Sad Iraqi story

I don’t want to be seen as pro-American but the truth has to be said. The following link is about a really really sad story in Iraq. Its going to break your heart:,,31200-1271161,.html

Now on today’s alwaqt news paper, which is suppose to be less biased then others i.e. Akhbar khaleejand, and more liberal. This is how they reported it:
قُيّدوا عراةً بالأسِرَّة.. والمدير يتاجر بغذائهم فضائح احتلال العراق تطال ملجأ أيتام
i have to be fair though, the body of the article in alWaqt sounded fair.
Ofcourse lets see whats GDN reported (remember GDN is owned by Akhbar Khaleej)
photos of allegedly "starving and abused" Iraqi orphans as a propaganda trick. Iraq's Labour and Social Affairs Minister Mahmoud Mohammed Al Radhi criticised publicity surrounding the boys and said news reports about the case were inaccurate.
"We totally reject the tricks they used to manipulate and distort facts and show the Americans as the humanitarian party. That could not be further from the truth," he said.

As sad as this story is I can’t believe the way Arab media are reporting it, yes the occupation caused a lot of hardship and so did Sadam. I am not going to judge which one is worst but blaming every single act and problems in Iraq on Americans, even when they rescue those kids, is just unfair. I am not asking to give the Americans the benefit of the doubt, but come on the truth is so clear in this story. We seriously need a more responsible reporting, there are enough problems in Iraq and believe me they don’t need twisted reporting to add to those problems.
This is just to prove that there is no real un-biased source to take our stories from, I guess what we have to do is to look at both side, let your mind process it then create your opinion.
P.S. I think those people should be hanged in a public square.

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Anonymous said...

I am astounded at the comments on these horrific pictures and the suggestion that we need to be fair.!!!!!111Fair to who? to those children whose lives have been shattered?who had bo one to turn to? whose rights as humnas have been denied and violated before the eyse of the whole world and no one lifted a finger?This is shameful and disgraceful to all who tried to find excuses to bail out criminals such as thos who were managing the centre where those children were housed and above all the occupying forces of our beloved country