Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The devil “Salman Rushdi” is to be honored !!

To me it’s really strange that no one other then Pakistan and Iran has raised their voice on the issue.
Salman Rushdi who has insulted every Islamic figure from the prophet to all his followers is to be knighted!!! he will be called Sir !!!!

Muslims everywhere protested those insulting cartoons, people died in those demonstrations. My question is why is no one talking about this?? No protests?? No Islamic State other then Iran and Pakistan voiced their displeasure with the British decision. This is by far much worst then those stupid cartoons, yet everyone is keeping quite.
This is an anti-Islamic move by the UK. Imagine if he had wrote a book questioning the validity of the holocaust claims, would he had been considered to be knighted??
This is how the British defended their decision to knight him
“"Sir Salman's (already started calling him Sir) knighthood is a reflection of his contribution to literature throughout a long and distinguished career which has seen him receive international recognition for a substantial body of work," Brinkley said in a statement
I think the Iranian Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said it nicely “This (award) showed that the movement of insulting Muslims was not accidental but was a planned and organized move that enjoyed support of some Western countries”. Believe it or not, the British government is calling for bridges to be built between the British and Muslims!! Somehow I don’t think that will happen any time soon. one of the first reaction; Pakistan's religious affairs minister Ijaz-ul-Haq said that honoring Rushdie justified suicide attacks!!!!. So I say to the British government Bridges MY A** !!!!!!!!!

I am not puzzled by the British move; I am puzzled by the no reaction from the Muslims!! I really don’t know but something is defiantly wrong.


naddooi said...

Oh get off it!

Firstly, old news...

Secondly, this branding him a "devil" is due to ONE book, which is very much branded as fiction. He makes no claims, no direct critism. All he does is utilise what could potentially be seen as references, with enough of an imagination.

Thirdly, the Iranian govt had a fatwa to have him killed, and anyone associated with the book killed. Because of that, one translator was killed, and several ppl were attacked. Now tell me this, HOW can ANYONE in their right mind respect a religion that condones and even encourage such stupidity?!

Rushdie is knighted not for that one book, if you know, he has several publications. It seems to me some ppl are just looking for any small thing to grab on to and run around play victim. Oh no, the British are attacking us poor muslims again.

Why dont we go do something productive with our excess energy, like help some Iraqi kids, try to sort out our own countries, instead of running around making a fuss over tiny little things like this!!!

Like i said, get off it!

Anonymous said...

Here's a different interpretation I'd like you to consider:

There is much more to the Salman Rushdie case - which has been DROPPED by the way - than just "he said this or that" about religion.

Before making any judgements, read Satanic Verses for yourself (not much of a special book) and be the judge if he's really a "devil" or if he's just a victim because his NAME happens to be a Muslim name. (remember, according to Islamic Shariya, a fatwa is ONLY valid WITHIN the boarders of the islamic world.. Rushdie, on the other hand, is a British citizen. Britain is NOT an islamic country - making the fatwa; legitimately speaking, invalid. Some say that the reason the fatwa was announced was for the clerics to gain power among the muslims in europe; Rushdie would not have been as well-known had this fatwa taken place. It's got more to do with politics than religion.

Think about it.

Hasan said...


I agree with your stance. The translator who was murdered was a Japanese professor who was murdered just outside his office in the university he works in late one night. This happened 16 years ago.

According to Japanese law, if a case is unsolved for 15 years, it is dropped.

And so, the murderer(s) of a man who was just translating a piece of fiction, is out there in the world - among you and me.

Not a good thing for freedom of expression. Not a good thing for human dignity.

SILVER said...

well i wasnt talking about the Fatwah and i do understand where you all come from. but the fact remains, a very bad move by the British government. You really want to tell me there aren’t better writers then him in the UK?? he is the best they have to offer??
Even if he was one of the best writer, cant we question the timing?? they stopped a moral investigation about Alyama arms deal citing national interest, they cant stop honoring a fool on that bases?? the guy is one of the hated figures in the islamic world, what kind of reaction do they expect when they honor him??

Hasan said...


I do see your point. I guess it is quite complicated to see (let alone agree on) things from different perspectives.

However, as "hated" as he is in the Islamic world, he has contributed a lot to literature and the arts.

As for the timing; we've been having "bad timing" (although it is worse now than ever before, if you ask me) since the Al-Naksah, so it's actually nothing new. Only by

Knighthoods (and not that I am defending the Queen) are not given for being "the best", but for making contributions with weight.

The way I see it, any limitation of expression is wrong. An argument about what "some artist" did is on par with the Spring of Culture incident, to me.

Had he actually been murdered on account of that rediculous fatwa, he would have been a "marter of the arts". That would have made things even worse, wouldn't you think?

Besides - the fatwa was "dropped" and so he is forgiven. End of salfa (theoretically speaking).

"To err is human, but to forgive is divine" ;)

SILVER said...

i hope the british government is happy now,
An islamic organization have given Bin Ladin its highest title (sord of islam) in response to knighting Rushdie.

Blogger said...

I really didn't get what you are aiming for, the article is about something, and you are trying to tell every one here Rushdi is good. Please read the article again and comment. to make it more easy for you, the article is about why only Iran and Pakistan have comment on the devil is to be honored.

Have a good day

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