Monday, June 25, 2007

At last work conditions a little better

The minister of labor has just issued a new law that outlaws working under the sun from 12-4 and limiting working hours per day to 8 hours.
Couple of days ago it was a suggestion by the government and now it’s the law. I seriously hope they enforce this law. Poor labors are under paid, harsh working conditions and away from their home, not to mention the labor camps. This was a long awaited decision, and I seriously don’t know why they didn’t do this earlier, anyways better late then never.
The new law might make it easier for Bahrainis to start working in construction and other labor intensive jobs. Add that to the new labor reforms, which basically make it more expensive to import labor, I can see some Bahrainis moving to work in those jobs. Now I refuse to believe that all Bahrainis won’t work as labor. Just look at ALBA for example, they work in the heat of August and in front of melting Aluminum pots, much worst then construction, yet most of the workers there are Bahrainis. So I say with the right working conditions and the right pay, Bahrainis will work in construction and other labor intensive jobs.
Having said that, I don’t believe that this should be our strategic target, our strategy should be to reduce unemployment by educating and retraining Bahrainis to work in higher skilled jobs with good pay. I refer you to the Singapore experience, actually the whole world praises, but I do believe that Singapore way works for Bahrain (not the Dubai way).


Anonymous said...

the law is only for july and Agu

majeed said...

And perhaps on paper only!!

Blogger said...

Very nice article, however I have few comments.
1- Poor labor, they need to work 24x7 to cover the cost of their visa's. as most of them are sponsored by (??) you all know.
2- Singapore there is no minister blame citizens, there is no corruptions. so idea will work. but I don't think it will work in our country.
3- This rules been applied now for a very clear reason, which is there is allot of contraction work going on and required 0 disturbance from any one. like what happen in Dubai few month back when labor refuse to work and asking for more salary.

If i keep listing I will not finish but unfortunately this is fact.

webmaster said...

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