Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eating our way to our doom!!

The chart is dated 2002, and believe me things are not looking any better

According to the latest figures released by the ministry of health “61 per cent of Bahrainis, aged 19 to 65, are either obese or overweight”
I have seen more alarming figures but I can’t locate the article. Still 61% people!! We are killing our selves slowly but surely!! Personaly I think this is a more serious problem then smoking, we all know how bad smoking is, but do we know how bad junk food and other processed food are?? They cause all kind of health problems and diseases, you name it, it will be some how linked to obesity (Cancer, diabetes and much much more)

So the question is why are Bahrainis Oboist??
Well basically it comes down to our life style, we drive everywhere, our food is high in carbs (rice and bread) and fat (fried) and we always take the weather as an excuse not to walk to places. BUT my favorite excuse is “ I DON’T HAVE TIME”.
How many times have you heard this??? They do have time to go out, eat, hangout with friends and EAT again!!! but they don’t have time to workout for an hour 3 times a week. It has been proven that % of girls over weight is more then guys in Bahrain, well some is due to cultural constrains (which I don’t buy) but I feel our girls take less care of their bodies then guys, have anyone noticed?? They only take care of their face and hair. As for the guys, have you seen Bahraini guys these days?? They are going to the other extreme (steroids and Growth Hormones) !!
A final thought: being skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy at all!!! How many skinny people have you seen with diabetes and other problems??
Healthy life style = Good food + Exercise

3 comments: said...

im cutting down on food, drinking more water, and trying to move more! im not fat but after getting married i started getting a bit of a belly :p

oh, and i love fast food and chocolate... bluh..

Rozy said...

Oh well, im agreeing that we n nature r lazy!! though not a good thing ... The problem here in Bahrain is kids nowadays r more into fried things nuggets, french fries, pepsi n all .. along which another MAJOR MAJOR PROBLEM is the weather n here which restricts US from taking our small routes by walking and enjoyinn the view!

Anyway this is not an excuse coz thinking n healthy way a person needs to take care of their health in wutever circumference.. we can choose to not meet our kids demand, go to gym, make time, eat healthy!!!

THIS is how we need to get started it works wid eating, life n all.. that is "POSITIVE THINKING" i.e. motivation required wid actions! Nothing is Impossible if we want!

Rozy said...


To add up, government can certainly help if they publish this info publicly along with advices and banning certain items or imposing tarrifs!