Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another Racist Article in Akhabr AlKhaleej

Click on the picture for the full size This article was sent to me by my friend "Golgo13". I asked my friend to comment on the article and the following is the commets:
During press conferences the Prime Minster of Bahrain has repeatedly expressed that inducing racial, ethical hatred or any other defamatory is not allowed in Bahrain society. Therefore it's the responsibility of the whole community to promote tolerance message. The Bahrain constitution states that [People are equal in human dignity, and citizens shall be equal in public rights and duties before the law, without discrimination as to race, origin, language, religion or belief].
So when Akhbar-Alkhaleej (Pro-Government Newspaper) allows a letter from one of readers to incite racial hatered against one sect (The Bahraini Persians) which the information is fabricated ..........................what does that mean? Why now? Why the Persians?

Let me just add this, Does the writer really thinks 3ajam taking 3ajami is a threat to Arabs?? Or maybe just maybe 3ajams talking Arabic and pretending to be Arab is more of a threat?
I guess its okay for Arab to talk English and for all Indians (with Bahraini passport) not to speak any word of Arabic!!
This racism only divides us, we need to treat these remarks as racism, neither Islam nor our culture accepts such racism. I say to all who don’t like Persians or 3ajams,


Ali said...

Aya 3ala el 3ajam wala! said...

its ridiculous isnt it...

they keep talking of unity and oneness and in the end they end up kicking the real foundation of the country out in favor of... everyone else

Anonymous said...

dUdE, the picture(article) is very small

SILVER said...


Click on the picture for the full size

Anonymous said...

How interesting!! This is such an alarming article yet sooooo disappointing to see people like that putting so much effort into forcing and seeding discrimination against 3ajam. For what? For the so called benefit of our Arab society? For the so called future of our children? Nooo, that does not make sense.

In my opinion, the best thing you can teach your child or yourself is to respect your culture and all other cultures around you. Only then, is one able to give an unbiased view.

I am not from the 3ajam community yet I believe that 3ajam are the most people who stay TRUE to themselves and to the backgrounds they come from.

What is the author so afraid off? Why is he so concerned about 3ajam? Is he so concerned because he doesn’t understand what they are saying? Is he so concerned because they are united? said...

i know this has nothing to do with the article but since you commented in the wrong post i figured you might not find your answer so i copied it here for you;

**silver; wrong post buddy :p anyway, its a great little phone, and no, not bulky at all! (again, that depends what you compare it to, but for all those features its hardly bulky) its pretty light too.**

flymenian said...

The Ba7rani Version of Arabic is my mother tongue which I'm very proud of to the limit that some people laugh at me because they think I'm weird or making fun of the accent when I speak it or making fun of Ba7arna, not only I only speak Ba7rani whenever I speak Arabic which kind of makes people wonder why I do (because I'm proud of who I am).

My point here is I do speak Other 5 languages too yes you heard me 5 fluently. within these 5 is Of course Persian and I shall speak it in public if I want to and If you don't understand it I wouldn't speak it to an Arab but I advise them to learn because If you really want to know what they're speak about just learn the language there is no harm in learning is there?

mardhia said...

Na Walla Me7ay Dombulum dar biyariiiiii!!!!!!

for sure narrow minded people only do such a thing.

Now i know why my boss told me not 2 talk 3ajami. laaaken Ammai Kechalesssssss. He cant forbid to talk 3ajami.why do indians talk indian at work and its fine??
why why why any1 talks the language they like but 3ajams arent suppose to.

mardhia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

isnt it obvious why not persian

because perisans are tradtional enemy Vs arabs

just similer about

Uk Vs France

china Vs japan

Anonymous said...

Well, there is a problem created by ajam people them selves. Who are Ajam, ajams are poeple migrate from Iran in early centuries. Bahrain was a peacefull land, but since 1990 the situation was changed. Shiite and sunni start conflicting with each other. The main responsible for this conflicts were ajam who were mostly shitee. So if you start to create problem for such a nice country you will be in trouble yourself. You can't fight the govenment. Bahrain was most powerfull at that time, but if you start threatning the govenment then they will find other ways to treat you. In this case they open the admission to police force for firegners like Pakistani and Indians. They think these people can be an answer. So my dear i hope you people can understand. You ajam (sorry i don't want to call you ajam, but as you have stated here that you are ajam) never did a bit for Bahrain and forigners like Indian and Pakistani have contributed widely to the success of this country. You poeple don't want to work and accept it is a load on your shoulder but not like responsiblity for your nation and country. You people start demanding for you leader "JUMRI" a place which he never deserves. Can you think in Arab country a non-Arab can be a prime minister. here it is never a democracy. And at first place why democracy, if you have good bunch of people ruling country. They are helping out all and never force anyone to do as i say thing. Then why you people started the conflicts, and spoiled such a beautifull country. At this point i should tell you one thing, Be good to the government then you will see you maybe having more good status then anyone in this country. Ajam people killed a lot Pakistani police officers in Bahrain but not even one of ajam is hanged. They killed a lot of indians too but govenment turn a blind on them. So what else you people want Government to do for you? I know the government was unjustified with the foriegners but only with Indian and Pakistanis people, these poor poeple came in to work hard for to earn money as well as to contribute in the future growth of your Nation. have you ever protest or says that Bahrainis are recist when you watch a Bahraini insulting a pakistani or indian worker. I don't think so. You catch up a fire only because you people were called ajam. Think about those poor people who were been killed by you ajams in the name of indepence fight in Bahrain and think about their home who are looking for the man you killed. But you people never be thinking like that what you need the power and the Kingdom in Bahrain.

Don't spoil ISLAM for nothing, muslims are already paying a good price and been killed by non-muslims all around the wordl, atleast don't kill them here in a muslim nation.

Thank You and please stop putting down the nation this is your country contribute in its growth other then blaming on the government.


Mohamed H said...


What are you talking about? Your post is so misinformed and detached from reality. People who lived through the nineties have a very different view of what happened than the one you described. You must've been too young to realize what's going on.

Anonymous said...

They hate Persians in Bahrain because we are powerful. They don't care about Indians because they don't see them as threat, but because they know Persians are successful and hold a lot of power so they like to attack us.

BTW don't say Ajam, we are Persian NOT Ajam!
Ajam is a racist and discriminatory word to describe Persians and we must stop using this word. It's as bad as calling black people "niggers". Just don't do it!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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