Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our roads strategy

Pictures of Dubai metro system (under construction)

My recent visit to Thailand opened my eyes on an issue that is effecting our everyday lives. A few years back, Thailand established SkyTrains to transport people around the capital city of Bangkok. I got a chance to use them and i was surprise of how efficient these trains are. i have tried the subways in NYC and Washington DC but i think these are more efficient. Maybe because they don't cover as much areas as the metro in DC does or its not as old as the subways in NYC. anyways that's beside the point.
If my memory service me correctly, we read that BD500m will be spent on upgrading roads in Bahrain. All we have seen are 10 roundabouts changed to traffic lights!!!. i have to raise the following questions:
  • Are traffic lights really better then roundabouts?
  • Why is road work so slow in Bahrain? just compare it with Saudi or Dubai and you will see what i mean

Now back to my point, wasn't it better to spend the BD500m on a new Sky or metro train system?


Shahrayar said...

Well one reason is the decision makers are too old & incompetent to plan such a big project; we need fresh young energetic people not afraid to take risks.

Hala Qarooni said...

Not only are the roads so God dam slow, cars hardly move.
I mean if you think about it, Bahrain is already over populated when you compare the number of people to the area, and nearly each individual who has a license in this country owns a car, some people more than one. So you can imagine what that does to traffic, and with our weather, you can’t not own a car. I mean I tried to use public transportation more than once, but the only thing that stopped me was the torture I had to go through while walking to the bus station in the heat and humidity. So that is one more thing to think about.
And don’t get me started on the parking… That needs a topic on its own….

Ala said...

1. Some of the traffic lights installed are just a temporary solution to a 15 year plan that the govt is doing (check the plan out, they had a brief on it in al ayam but dont remember when) it includes tunnels flyovers, etc. The BD500m is not what u see today, what you'll see in 2020 (or 2010, not sure)

2. If they build a metro in bahrain, no one is going to use it. Only expats will use it and won't be able to afford it because if only a few people use it, prices will be high.

3. Yes road work is slow in Bahrain, and its sad!

Anonymous said...

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