Sunday, May 27, 2007

Are “Huwala” Arabs??

A lot of people believe that Arab Sunnis migrated to Iran for business and teaching Persians the Quran. Now, most of them believed that the migration happened when the Persian Empire was defeated and the Persians became Muslims. So my understanding is that this happened almost 1400 years ago, during the Prophet’s (PBOH) times or even during the Khalifa’s rule after the Prophet’s death.
This raises serious issues, if they lived in Iran during that time, there was no Sunni or Shiaa, there was only Muslims. When Persia turned Shiaa, the Huwala were there, so why didn’t they turn Shiaa as well?? are we saying that only the Arabs stayed Sunni? or maybe just maybe there were persians who didnt turn Shiaa , who then became Huwala. This puts a lot of holes in the theory that they migrated in the early days of Islam to teach the Persians about Islam. I am sure a lot of Arabs went to Persia to teach them about Islam, but I am not sure they were the Huwala.
The second point is, if they were going there for business, why did they get disconnected with their so called Arab roots? It even makes business sense to keep those roots. Nothing remained from the Arab culture at all?? not even names??
Lets for a second believe that the are from Arab origins, the question is doesn’t 1400 years (or even 500 years) of mixing with Persian blood, effectively take away the Arab bloodline ??

So the question is why do some of them claim they are from Arab origins??
According to Wikipedia, the Word Hewala means “Those that have changed".
The following is what Wikipedia says about what happened when our Huwala brothers came to Bahrain.
Due to racist movements against them, and not being accepted as citizens especially during the time of the Arab Nationalist Movement, most of the Huwala and Sunni Persians changed their family names, costumes and accent to fit and get mixed in the Arabian society. This was also a huge step toward getting a passport and a citizenship, since there was a time in Bahrain that foreigners and Persians or those who had non Arabic family names weren't granted passports.
One of the leading Sunni Persians families in Bahrain, are the Khonji family. The Khonji family comes originally from Khonj. Khonj is a township (city) in province of Fars south of Shiraz with 270 km distance and with a population of 60,000. Its history goes back to 2000 years and its inhabitants were known to be the followers of Zoroastrianism. The ancient names for Khonj has always been Hong and konj (corner in Persian) and over time it was changed to Khonj.
Another famous Sunni Persian family in Bahrain are the Bastaky family, who always admit and are well known to be Pure Persians, they come originally from Bastak, a large city in the province of Hormozgān. They are well known to be traders and have business interests, and are always being mentioned to be have "blue blood" due to the fact that they are Persians, or perhaps from the Aryan race as some may suggest. However their city of Bastak is mixed between Arabs and Persians, Al Bastaki family are well known to have strong friendship relationships with some of the biggest Arab leading families in the GCC countries too.

Other well known leading families in Bahrain include Alansari, Alkooheji origianlly from the city of Kohig, Alawadhi coming from Awaz, Kanoo from Kanee, Khonji coming from Khonj, Janahi from Jeneh, Karmostaji from Karmostaj and Alnaser.
Although the Gerashi family from Gerash were former Sunnis, they changed their faith to Shia some time ago, this explains why they aren't called Huwala despite that they still speak with the same accent as the Huwala. The Gerashi family are well known in the business market, since they are the food agent of many trademarks.

There is a small discussion going on Wikipidia about this issue here are some extracts:
“I am Huli or Holi myself, and i know what is our true race, so allow me to correct the issue here please.
First of all, i am Persian, and we are sure of that, though i am sunni, the Huwala as the writer has writen are not all the same, they are the people who were living only in three places, which were in (Ahwaz)- near Iraq, Bandar Linga (a Harbour in Iran which had diffirent mixed kind of people, since it was a trading place, or something like an airport if you may assume), and Chira'agh, a town near Linga itself”

The fact that we all agree on is that they have done very well in business and as middle and upper class of the society. They have contributed immensely in building our nation or even the GCC as a whole.
This is I think due to the fact that they came from an advanced civil society compared to the Badwin tribal society. In addition, to being Sunni, which made it easier for them to work with the ruling families in the region.

I can say that Huwala are not Arab because:
-They came from Iran and didn’t speak Arabic or didn’t carry any kind of Arab tradition
-There is no trace of them leaving to Iran and no solid proof they are from Arab origins
-We all agree that their family names are Persian

And if all of that fails to convenes, think about this, they are too good looking to be Arabs :)
The way I see it is that the only way to prove that they are from Arab origins is to do a DNA test and prove they are not from the Aryan race.

Just want to add that i don't have any solid sources (because they aren't any), so i tried to think about it logically. i am open to any opinion with valid sources.


Free Spirited said...

I agree that huwela arent originaly arabs, but they keep saying this for some reason. thanks, that was inclusive and really clear, i cant add more.

I liked the last para.

Leo: The King said...

I liked it. Sounds very realistic and historical. And I agree that they are too good looking to be Arabs, though they there some fantastic arab chicks out there ;)

SILVER said...

AAAAMEN to that Brooo

Free Spirited said...

But there is something makes me wonder, some hewela from al abasi,alkhan and bastaki , they refer their origins to Iraq. And they moved to sout iran when al abasy country was invaded, they prove this by basically 2 things:

1. All ehwela are from shaf3ee sector, that matches the sunni arabs in iraq.
2. Back in iran, bastaki,khan and abasi were very popular scholars and were teaching quran and hadeeth.In addition, so many were teaching different science brought with them from Iraq.

Does this prove anything to you silver?

Ala said...

Is it really an issue if they are persian or arabic? what difference does it make? This was a waste of ur time cuz first u went to wikipedia for references, and sorry to blow this in ur face, wikipedia sux and is very subjective=) So u didnt use any form of logic, just your restricted perception.

Use books and historians next time. Even kids in school know that!

Leo: The King said...

Ala, if you use kidz in the schools they will tell you that Al-Jowder tribe is from Pakistan, will you depend on them??...

Hala Qarooni said...

5oramshah rocks
i have no comments on this issue...
hehehe too complicated for me :PP

Ala said...

Leo: the king. Kids is not an issue. My point is wikipedia is not a reliable resource. I can go and post my own article saying whatever perceptions i have. What silver is saying might be right or even wrong. But i wouldn't take his opinions into consideration cause they are not backed by reliable facts.

"7" said...

Nothing to say except PLEASE CHECK AND READ THE WIKIPEDIA SITE, and please read it from the begining where the sign"This article or section does not cite any references or sources
+ Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. ",
so please first of all support ur info. then we are ready to discuss about what u are saying.

Free Spirited said...

ala, silver was just posting an opinion and something that exists, he wasn’t trying to prove anything.

And it makes difference to know about this, it is very important o know if mahyawa originally made by arabs or Persians ..:)

Leo: The King said...

Free Spirited, you are funny and i liked your comment though I hate mahyawa. Anyway, I would like howala to be persian to enjoy teasing my wife when we together watch the movie "300" as my origins go back to greece..


Dana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
muharraq said...

I have to say this is one of the most ignorant and air-headed posts I have ever read, not to mention chauvinist. It is unfortunately this kind of reckless and unbacked writing that makes people seriously question the validity of some blogs as information sources. It lacks logic, verified references, or a serious analysis. Yet it tries to make a sweeping statement that not even a wannabe historian would make. I'll keep the discussion at about the same level of the post (but hopefully with more verifiable statements) in the hope something might get through. I'll list a few pointers that might just make you rethink your reckless statements and article:

1. Al Qasimi, the rulers of Sharjah and Ras Al Khayma since at least the eighteenth century, are Howla. Dr. ٍSultan Al Qassimi, the ruler of Sharjah and a historian in his own right has written on this subject. Maybe you'd care to take your groundbreaking thesis to him and show his mistakes in his thinking and that he and his family are not arabs.

2. There are quite a few houli families that are Sadah. Although I personally have my skepticism into the Sadah business generally, these families are well established in their claims. A prominent example is the family of Ibrahim Shariff, the leader of Wa3ad.

4. Howalas have a long history in Bahrain, even predating that of Al Khalifa. Al Mathkoor, howalas, were actually the rulers of Bahrain for parts of the eighteenth century.

5. Howalas have a presence in Bahrain predating that of al Khalifa by a long time. Al Shaikh Al Bahrani, the famous Bahraini historian, writes about how the howalas were part of the assembled army that fought al 3toob when they tried to invade Bahrain in the early eighteenth century.

6. Finally, what defintion are you exactly using to label people as Arab as non Arab? Are you using Arab in its classical usage, i.e. bedouin? In that case the absolute majority of Bahrain can not be considered Arab, since Bahrain's population is sedentary and not nomadic. If you are using some sort of race or blood definition, where someone must have pure "Arab" (e.g. tribes of the Arabian peninsula) blood, then once again most of Bahrain cannot be considered Arab. You only need to look at the features and looks of most Bahrainis to find that out. You have people who are "black", "white", with green eyes, blue eyes, who all consider themselves Arab. Heck you can get brothers and sisters in Bahrain where one is dark skinned with black curly hair and the other is fair skinned with green eyes! You only need to look at the history of Bahrain to realize the mixing that has gone on. The Greeks, Persians, portugeuse, etc all ruled Bahrain for extended periods of times and mixed extensively with the local population. Heck, by the above two definitions most of the people living in e.g. Syria, Egypt, etc would not be considered Arab, as their populations existed way before the advent of Islam and the spread of the Arabic language in these parts and also experienced extensive mixing. To not consider them Arab would be seriously exclusivist on your part!

Maybe you're taking a concept of Arab nationalism. As I hope you know, the concept of Arab nationalism, like most cases of Nationalism, is very new and can only be traced back realistically to the nineteenth century. Just like a 1000 years ago it would be incoherent talk of "German" or "Italian" or "Spanish" existing in a nationalism sense, it would be incoherent to talk of Arab nationalism stretching back in that sense either.

6. Finally, and most importantly, most Howala speak Arabic as their first language and consider themselves to be Arabs. Now exactly who are you to tell them no? A historian? A prophet? I think you've demonstrated your historical capacity in this post, and I doubt you'll claim to be a prophet. Maybe it would be more worthwhile on your part to listen to the words of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in a famous hadeeth of his:

وى الحافظ ابن عساكر قال: (جاء قيس بن مطاطية إلى حلقة فيها سلمان الفارسي وصهيب الرومي وبلال الحبشي فقال: هؤلاء الأوس والخزرج قد قاموا بنصرة هذا الرجل “يعنى النبي” فما بال هذا وهذا ؟ “مشيرا إلى غير العرب من الجالسين” فقام إليه معاذ بن جبل رضي الله عنه فأخذ بتلابيبه ثم أتى النبي فأخبره بما قاله فقام النبي مغضبا يجر رداءه حتى أتى المسجد ثم نودي الصلاة جامعة ، فاجتمع الناس فخطبهم قائلا: “يا أيها الناس إن الرب واحد ، وإن الدين واحد ، وليست العربية بأحدكم من أب ولا أم وإنما هي اللسان ، فمن تكلم العربية فهو عربي”).

My apologies if this comment seems harsh, but there is already enough misinformation and falsities out there and muddying the waters even more with such simplistic analysis only makes the matters worse, particularly when one talks about history and when someone purports to analyze history in a manner that even a fifteen year old student, let alone an established historian, would feel ashamed of. In these times as well where divisions and exclusionist ideas are being propagated along the lines of sunni, shi3i, howli, ba7rani, 3ejmi, etc, and where each side questions the legitemacy of the other, your comments unfortunately only help to fan the fire.

SILVER said...

Dear Muharaq,
Thank you for you post.
Before I answer you I just want to clarify a few things (this is for other posts as well).
- This article was not meant to attack anyone, especially our Holli brother and sisters
- The article also highlights the positive role of the Huwalla in building our country and the other GCC countries
- i have clearly stated that there are no valid sources and i welcome anyone to shade some light on the issue.

Now in the article, I did not claim any information my self, i was just discussing what was written on Wikipedia. Somethings i agree with others i disagreed with.
For example, I agreed with the cities they lived in (in Iran) and I disagreed with the fact they went to Persia to teach Quraan.

Finally, as insightful as your post is, you have not in anyway proven that Huwalla are Arabs. To be more specific, I need proof that Huwalla went from the Arabian Peninsula to Iran and then returned as Huwallah.
Please don’t take this personally; it’s only an opinion with no solid facts to prove one way or another.

And dude “chill”

Gardens of Sand said...

Hi Silver, I just don't see why it matters if Hwela who claim to be Arab are in fact Arab?! I know some who say they're Arab some who don't. Either way, it should depend on the person and who/what they identify with. If they say theyre Arab, I accept and regard them as such. More power to us! If they say they're not, thats fine too. We are such a small country yet we are rife with labels that divide us and sink us further down into racism and sectarianism.

Free Spirited said...

Guys, for me i love history and thats y any such issue would interest me,and guys if you think its nothing important and shallow .. dont waste your time writting that long paras...

SILVER said...

Dear all,
First i would like to apologies to people who found this article offensive. i did not mean in any way to offend anyone or to type a racial article.
i just wanted to highlight a part of history. Our Howalla brother and sisters are an important part of our demography; which makes their history our own history.
As i said before, i don’t have any solid sources for the article, i was discussing what was on Wikipedia, which i thought had many wrong statements and some i agreed with. i urge people who have valid sources to correct what is written in Wikipedia about this issue.
For the people who said this article was a waste of time, this is the most viewed article on my blog and some of the responses gave us a better understanding of our history.

LuLu said...

Silver, great post! I have an interest in history and geneologies too so I found it fascinating. I can understand if some people feel overly sensitive about the issue, though. Any issue can be "interesting" to one person and completely "worthless" for another person, so I hope you don't get discouraged by impulse reactions. That was a unique stone to turn!

My personal opinion, though, is that there is no pure race. There is especially no real Arab, ethnically, at this point given all the migration and intermixing that occurred throughout the centuries. Identity, of course, is a whole other post!

Moh'd said...

Dear Friends,

I am a Sunni Ajam from Dubai. The term Hwala is not really used by us ajamis in Dubai, we just call our selves Ajam or as we say with local accent Ayam (we flip the "j" to "y" in Emirati accent as you all know). Anyways, the hwala people of Bahrein and us 3eyam/3ajam here in Dubai are one society actually. We came from the same hometowns in Persia, such as Bastak, Evaz, Janah, Khonj, and etc. Anyways so let me speak on behalf of many Ajams here from Dubai, or atleast on behalf of myself!

We are as called Ajam, a term refered to Persian people. We are Persians who are of Sunni faith, in fact we are from the very small Sunni minorities left from the Persian nation. There are other Perian Sunni minorities in Shiraz, Mashhad, and also Tehran. But we are located in Fars region, the heart of the ex-Persian Empire.

It is believed that we once all turned to be Shiite as the Safavids were carrying out horrible massacres to convert every single Persian person from Sunnism to Shiism. So our ancesstors in Bastak converted out of fear, but then turned back Sunni after the Safavids lost to the Ottuman Empire in Chaldiran battle. Anyways, for those who don't know the history well, the Safavids were TURKS and not Persians. Anyways back to our subject.

Here are some important points to state about ajam or Hwala:

1) We speak a VERY local Persian dialect which shows how deep our Persian or Aryan roots. We even have alternatives terms for the borrowed Arabic terms that have been added to the modern Persian language. For example, in modern Farsi they would say "jawrab" which means socks and its originally an Arabic word, but we never say that, we say "delagh" which is of Iranian roots. Also "Azan" which is for prayers, we say "Bong". And many many other examples.

2) Our traditions are Persian and Iranian. Though we don't celebrate Nooruz since we are considered as loyal to our Sunni faith which only state that a Muslim only celebrates Eed Fitr and Eed Adha. But our older generations in their peoms always give Noruz as an example of beauty and happiness.

3) Our clothings, dances, and style fo life is Persian. We got nothing to do with Arabic traditions. Completely different.

4) Our face features, our looks, we don't look Arabic. We look very Persian and Aryan. You can easily distinguish between an Arab and an Ajam or a Houli/hwala.

5) Because we are Sunni, and we track the islamic traditions, it was very easy for us to get along with our Arabian brothers in the Arabian Peninsula regadless any historical conflict. I guess its us who chose to immitate the Arabs ;) lol .. Thus we lost almost 80% of our Persian identity. Thats why I always urge my ajam or hwala brothers and sisters to not forget our Persian identity and traditions so that we don't get ourselves lost between people in History. I hate it when someone point to me as "qaleel asl" cuz I am full of pride towards my origins.

One more thing to add, there have been some very few immigrations for Hashimites and few people of Medina to Persia after the Abbasid dynasty collpased in Baghdad, but they were in few numbers and they lived long time ago for many centuries within the Persian society and obviously got dissolved. Infact the last ruler of Bastak was an Abbasi in origin, but he is not different from any other Persian today due to the long and deep history. Just like Saadi Shirazi who's ancesstors were Hashimite for instance.

My 2 cents =)

Mohammed Akhond Bastaki

Contact me if you want

thebeat said...

oki they are too good to be arabs. dont generalise please. i agree if u do compare them with those kind of arabs who are from the gulf countries. !

thebeat said...

the second thing: Wikipedia suxx

Passion4Gerash said...

I'm glad there are actually people who bother to spend the time to document the origins of a people whose origins are rather undocumentable (hope u get what I!!)..

Never knew the Gerashi family were previously Sunni (Gerashi myself btw!).. but I don't find this shocking. In fact, I remember reading in an old farsi book once a detailed description of the (back then small) village of Gerash that specifically described its inhabitants as a mixture of both Sunnis and Shias...

Just a little doubt here.. How about the Laris.. are they also considered Huwalas??

Anonymous said...

dear sir/madam

I don't care 'huwala' whats their origin,they are muslims...the nations who identify themselves as arab or persian... raciest is not Islam...humanity should be for humanity...laa farqen bin alhajami wa laa arabi....

Saeed said...

Hi everyone,

I am from Dubai and am a UAE National but am from Karmostaj originally. I don't care whether we are pure Arabs or Arians or mixed through 1400 years of living on both sides. I just wanted to share pieces of evidence that somehow prove that Arabs lived in those areas of Iran. 1) In Karmostaj there were hundreds of tomb stones that had pure Arab names including the Qabilah name and titles like "Shaikh" and "Fulan Bin Fulan" which is not common in Iran. Probably you can find few there still and the old people living there will verify this. 2) The culture of the Huwala, or Khodmooni as we call them, and values are much closer to Arabs of the GCC than Persians. 3) I agree with you that Howalas are good looking, I think even better looking than Persians, this could be due to the mixed genes of Arabs and Persians during 1400 years.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Cyrus said...

I could not stop laoughing, while reading some of the comments made above.
What on earth are you talking about?
I am one of those people that you are talking about. achom, (by the way not mentioned yet) ajam, khodmooni in the form of bastaki, gerashi, avazi, janahi..and all of the rest and even sharafouie, for goodness sake.

we are all the same people we come in to different mazhab groups, shia and sonni.

we speak a language that is more persian....than the modern persian. (modern persian contains many helinic, turkic, arabic, even french) my language is nothing like the modern persian in terms of words coming into it from the east (partians the mother of mothern persian) and the west, ie, arabic)

language aside, even thse khodmooni/achom, etc. .by the way never heard of hauaili hawaili, holi, what ever, we have always had arabs in iran, but only along the coast of the Persian Gulf.

ie, even to this day inhabitants of some small ports are almost 100% sonni arab.

so arabs are sea men, persians are farmers and traders.

I am an achom/larestani/khodmooni/ajam/..aBritish citizen originally .from a very small village in larestan, I am shia (but the next village 10km away 100% sonni) we speak the same language, have same absolutely every thing from going hunting to dasmal bazi with saz nagharah.

if anyone is saying i am an arab i must be the first person who knows the name of his jadd (az arab would say) when they were zeroasrtrian.

we are learning new things every day from those who are and have been trying for years to arabise the persian Gulf fully.
you in arab countries WHO EVEN DO NOT ALLOW PERSIAN NAMES ...

shame on you who are that type of arab that says to the real persian living (migrated) in their country
either denounce your persian roots or else,,,,

I have never been to an area controlled by arabs, nor have any of my fore fathers.

Listen you citizens of arab countris of the Persian Gulf, both ajam and arab or achom or khodmooni (still never heard of hawli) don not get us involved mate.

Well done those good looking Persians that agree with me.


think about this, my wife is English by language and race.
I have 4 sons, eldest 21 the youngest 5. what are they?

they must be Anglo-Persian.

If you inter-marry, names are important.

my sons have persian names and surnames. i hope for ever son after father and so on...keep the name that one day came from persia proper (fars and some parts of khoozestan all of Hormozgan parts of khoozestan).

this I say without being against any race or people.

Why arabs and jews be proude of what they are and we cannot?

we say....yay ha to such things.

peace with PRIDE

there is no doubt at all that all of the so called khodmoonis are 100% Persian, whether they are sonni or shia

Anonymous said...

Huwala are arabs... No doubt
I read almost all the articles regarding the subject,
some were realistic ...others were just pure fiction.
the word hawala is originally PRONOUNCED 7awala which means - as explained in the history book of the 7TH grade / 1976 ( government of Bahrain ) - those who have migrated from the Arabian Peninsula to the Southern coast of Persia. DOCUMENTED

K . M . Janahi

Anonymous said...

Howeila are Arabs, I agree with Mr Janahi, there is no doubt whasoever. The fact remains that they are Iranian Arabs...thus their looks.

However, Ajams are all Persians/Iranians.

Khodmoonies from Greater Larestan be it Shia/Sonni ..or none moslem, are 100%

It is silly refer to one family or Ghasemis or aleabbs of bastak, as proof that some are or were Arabs.

I am a Larestani myself, although have nothing against the Arab masses,....I absolutely despise the attempt of Arabisation of none Arabs,...agrree on that with Cyrus.

S. Taheri=Berizi

Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue whether Huweila are Arabs or not because I do not know who they are farnkly.

Now if any body is suggesting that Gerashis, Laris, Bastakis, people from Khonj and Janah, are Arabs, they not only need their brains examining they also must be operated on asap, to prevent further damage.
Larestanis from both Hormozgan and Fars are more Persians than any people in Persia propper.

You do not need documentation to prpove this assertion.

Khoda rahm kone,

Anonymous said...

Totally irreliable passage mistakenly called 'an article'. So subejective and personal. And at the international level, Persian race is viewed as more sofisticated than Arab race, so there is no need for them to 'claim' to be Arab.

Anonymous said...

Hi again
To answer a point made bye ham velayati from Karmostaj.
Nearly all the tomb stones in iran were written in Arabic...
I remind you that before Reza shah we had no surnames in Iran. So it was a normal practice to hack names on the tomb stones in that manner.
My great grand father's tomb stone reads,..Nasrollah ebne marhoom Hosain Ali....
Hosain Ali's Great Grand father was called Shapata..a can he be an Arab?

Rozy said...

Well this is interesting, many do certainly investigate into it deeper to find their orgin out of interest as im sure all r loyal to the country they live in now including me! ..

Anyway Arab or Persian, well this is my share of story of what i heard which made sense a bit bt yet confusing:

Orginally huwela were from the "shebah jazera el3arabi" as before the whole gulf was divided into two Saudi amd Bahrain and then when the British Empire divided this even furthur into smaller n smaller parts .. Some arabs chooce to migrate to the borders of Iran.. Like Fares

And it this in there Fares where they lived and bec of the long time many did married iranian people hence this explain the looks ( as hwela do look different then arabs )

But the question arise about what about the language? The Holy language has words from arab,iran,indian n many.. a mixture.. but yet the language is nor arabic or irani so confusing ha! so orginally where r we from arab jazera el3arabi or iran or somewhere else I'm confused .. this is the closest i can get to!

Anonymous said...

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SimplyKhaleeji said...

My comment may not seem relevant to this conversation as it centers around Bahrain, and I come from the UAE. But here it goes.

I am Arab Bedouin from my father's side and what we call in the UAE 'Arab Fares' (Arabs of Persia) from my mother's side. Arab Fares are those Arabs who at several points migrated between the two shores of the Gulf and they include the Al Qawasim dynasty of Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah and the Al Ali dynasty of Umm Al Quwain as well as other well-established Arab families such as Al Obaidli, Al Hammadi and Al Marzooqi.

I wouldn't really call it migration in my case because of the close geographic proximity between Northern UAE and Iran as opposed to other GCC countries made travel and trade extremely easier at the time. It is through trade and commerce that my family established itself on both sides of the coast. As a child, I have been told about how every Friday, members of my family board a ship after Friday prayer and sail to the North to visit relatives and stay until 3esha prayer where the ship back south, reaching home by midnight.

This commercial activity caused my family to create a large network of connections throughout the region which we maintain to this day. My great grandmother was Baluchi and we have Awadhi and Harmoodi relatives (well-established Ajami families in UAE) in Dubai as well as Shamsi and Naemi relatives (well-established Bedouin families in UAE) in Al Ain that we continue to visit to this day.

One of my favorite stories as a child was how one Hashemi man (Although Hashemittes, we still consider them Ajam in the UAE) came to a great uncle of mine, an Arab, and asked for his daughter's hand in marriage. Because of his religiousness and good conduct, the marriage went ahead.

I hate how people insist on differentiating between Arab and Ajam, Sunni and Shiite (My best friend is Shia). Good conduct is what actually matters, not the faith or origin. I pride in my heritage and my mixed ancestry. Because that is what makes me Khaleeji.

As for the post, I lost interest due to the author's use of Wikipedia as a primary source and his "too good looking to be Arabs" comment. This called the post's credibility and objectivity. What I would suggest, to the Author, is to actually read Books!! Which are in Arabic or Persian!! Rather than use Wikipedia. And come on, "too good looking to be Arabs"?? How in god's name would a comment such as that help your case?? When stating a case, choose your sources well.

aar64if said...

The problem is only in Bahrain that the khodmoonis call them selves holla, actually hollies are arab tribes that lived for 300 years on the Persian coasts, not only the towns you mentioned but many more and they still speak Arabic and know their tribes that they belong too but there are very few of them left, khodmoonis on the other hand are mostly Persian but maybe a few families are Arabs or even other origin like afghans,many of the khodmoonis are decedent from Sunnis that did not want to convert and left their hometowns to live in these parts where fresh water is very scares, the khodmooni language it self proves that point.

I am bastaki my self

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Back in iran, bastaki,khan and abasi were very popular scholars and were teaching quran and hadeeth

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Anonymous said...

94% of huwala tribes have high J1 haplogroup DNA most of them are originally from bani: Tamim,Khalid,marazeeq,Kaabi,laam,aniza,shemer,hashim,hadram, etc.. Persian Sunnis did mix but only in the huwala mountain tribes and their are very few mountain tribes left and most of them converted to Shiite twelver. Huwala In Bahrain find it hard to prove their ancestry because many have been disconnected from their tribes and were oppressed for being Sunni by Mohammed Reza shah. That's why the lefts Arab fares and back to thier home land. DNA does not lie source

Unknown said...

For the previous comment above me:

Mohammad Reza Shah did NOT oppose the Sunnis!! In fact he admired them as they support the ideology of the monarchy where as he OPPOSED the SHIA because their religious sect is absolutely political (velayat faghih). Remember, Sunnism (as a religious sect) it does not have any intrusions in politics.

Mohammad Reza Shah used put shia mullahs in jail for whenever they dare and spit ugly words on Hazrat Ayesha or Abi Bakr va Omar.

I dont know where do you guys get your wrong information, but please be careful before you post anything.

Huwala is an alien meaningless name!


Those who are mixed can always call themselves MIXED.

I'm Bastaki myself, and I'm Persian.

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Muhannad Alabbassi said...

Good questions.

Number 1:

The region Hawala come from (Bastak) was and still is Arab. Arabic is still spoken in this region.


Sunni Islam is the dominant sect in that region.

3. The language of the Hawalis is very different from the language of Ajam. It's more than just the sect, Hawali has influences from all the regional neighbors.

4. Hawalis were the Arab living under the "Abbassid Khanate of Bastak" (under Ismail II son of Hamza son of Ahmed son of Mohamed) which was formed after the fall of Baghdad of the Abbassid Empire.

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