Monday, October 22, 2007

Zain WiMax Inet

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I guess now we can say the long awaited competition has started!! I think Zain's offer looks promising but needed to be tested. Although, they don't offer unlimited down load but the speed and pricing is good. People can argue what is the use of the speed when its limiting your download? i agree with that, but for me, i just want to download Prison Break as soon as its out and i need it to be downloaded quick!
Other providers like lightspeed, do offer unlimited package but when it comes to the service level and the reliability, they basically SUCK!!
The word in the street is that MENA telcom will offer WiMax too. Lets hope all of this is the start of cheap, highspeed, no limit inet service.

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wimax is crap. said...

no seriously.

its really crap.

Mohammed Issa said...

I second that

SILVER said...


can you give us more details? said...

wimax offers you what is basically a similar connection to batelco's; ie, a broadband home connection. only difference is that instead of getting you the information via cables dug up through the ground, you get the data wirelessly. zain has proved time and time again that their network is definately not on par when it comes to providing internet services. the e-go services they've provided, besides being overpriced, kept disconnecting users due to network errors. i know 3 people who have been constantly complaining about it.

another friend recently applied for wimax and after a quick installation, turns out the speed is nowhere near what is advertised, and there are hardly any users subscribed to it yet! imagine what happens when there is actually real pressure put on the network?

another thing, one of the immediate benefits of a wimax network was that you could subscribe and have a connection almost anywhere (or at least in the most populated/busy areas). here, you get to sign up, and install a device in your home giving you limited range AT home only. ie, if you leave your house, no more inet. so whats the point of a wireless connection?

prices arent great either. and if you want to compare them to batelco, batelcos aint great!

Ahmed1223 said...

i am using the WiMax service for nearlt three months now.. I was using the 1mb connection that batelco offered but to be frank the WiMax is way better..speed is better + cusromer service is better.