Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Ramadan confusion begins!!!

I think Bahrain, as small as it is, is the most confused country when it comes to Ramadan. Last years we had 3 different dates for the start of Ramadan!!

When it comes to Sunnis they go with whatever the government (so do some Shiaa). The government hold a Ramadan committee which have never ever seen the moon, so they out source it to Saudi. The good thing about Sunnis, they are united on when Ramadan starts and ends.

Now when it comes to Shiaa, the confusion begins. Every Shiaa Sheikh has his own committee, Shaikh Al Asfoor has his own date for Ramadan so does Ayatollah Najati, the same goes to Shikh Essa Qassim and so on. They keep people wondering until midnight about when Ramadan starts!
I don’t know how Iran does it but they do know in advance ( they use some sort of calendar) . I don’t understand why the Shiaa is Bahrain can adopt one system and get it over with.
With all these advance technologies how can we not know when it starts?? They only reasonable person I find when it comes to Ramadan is Aytollah Fadhlullah (with all the reservation some Shiaa have on him) , I think he is only voice of reason. He uses advance Astronomy, he is a believer is science. Thursday is the beginning of Ramadan according to science and it’s when I begin my Ramadan.

I think the main reason why we in Bahrain are confused so much (especially shiaa) is because it’s a struggle for power, each sheikh wants to showoff or confirm the power they have.
I suggest we make a deal with NASA and send 2 Shaikh (one Shiaa and one Sunni) on a space shuttle, when they reach out of space, open the window for the sheikhs and make sure they see the moon and then get back!


ammaro.com said...

wahahahahaa :) yeah, lol, i just wrote about this


Butterfly said...

hehehhe .. what about if we ask them to stay there and broadcast about their fasting experience from there? :)

sillybahrainigirl said...

I like the way this is going.. but since I AM AT THE IDEA FESTIVAL .. hehe .. I have a better idea. Every year .. we get a bunch of shaikhs/mullas .. and send them to the moon .. and leave them there!!! FOR GOOD!

SILVER said...

Silly Bahraini girl,
thats the best idea i heard so far

Rozy said...

Lol@SBG .. so here's my quest how do mullas sheikh make the decision based on wut... isnt it suppose to be on the moon?