Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shift in Bahrain's Political Power?

Something is definitely changing in the Bahrain’s political scene. My reading of the situation is that the government is getting fed up with the Islamists or there is a revolt with in the government against them. First we see the government deciding not to let (extremist) MP Moh’d Khaild to lead prayer. Next, we see Shaikh al-Mahmood questioned and detained for something he said at Friday prayers (which I do not really know what he said). What is more surprising is that we are not seeing a fight back from the Islamist Parliament Block like (AL-Manbar).
"''أما نوابنا وخصوصاً (...) من الكتل الدينية فأقول لهم، انظروا ماذا فعل أخوكم النائب علي سلمان لمصلحة أناس أنتم تعلمون تماماً قضيتهم، لأنه كان يحمل همهم، وأخشى أن يكون نوابنا (...) يحملون هماً غير هم المواطن''
Is there a new understanding? Or some elements of the governments are feeling the threat and trying to limit the Islamist advances?? Is there outside pressure?? Or is there a shift in power at the top of our political scene??
I think the next couple of months will answer a lot of these questions. I just wanted to say; be ready to see some changes but is it for better or worst, I honestly don’t know.
This is what apparently happened with Sh.AlMahmood
Sheikh Ahmad Al Mahmoud had stood up in a mosque Friday scolding Bahrainis for the apparent low turnout at a demonstration last week against territorial claims made by an Iranian newspaper, lawyer Abdullah Hashim said.
“The sheikh blamed the apathy [of Bahrainis] on a drop in their loyalty, saying that it is caused by [the state] not giving people their rights and not improving their living standards,” he said.


AbuRasool said...

Interesting observation! although I thought this was one of those occasions where the govt cracks the whip to have its people fall in line!

SILVER said...

you might be right and i guess the statement made by Alarabi yesterday hit a nerve with the Islamist ابو الفتح يتضـامن مـع «المحمــود» بعد انتقادات العربي للنواب

LuLu said...

I listened to a narration of his speech and it seemed that he was speaking about the government having to give people their rights in order to get their loyalty. Now that doesn't seem so bad but I do think it's a case of the government getting excessively restrictive on a sunni Islamists to make sure that the others are deterred from getting into opposition mode.